We React To: Women in Authority

In short, Sarah Palmer is hated by the fan community because she’s a jerk. To the video, it’s honestly quaint there’s no disclaimer that it “isn’t sexism,” which of course, is the flag that instantly speaks to the reverse. In fact, HaloFollower begins the video by qualifying that Sarah Palmer is a BAMF, which he articulated as an acronym (Badass Motherfucker?).

Ep. 80 – Tortured Masterworks VII: Terminator Part II

The turn of the millennium was quiet for the Terminator series, and from 1991 we’d be twelve years out before the next film installment. As such, all of the tie-in material for the series was based on T2, or even the first one, and felt outdated, as technology was beginning to change in tandem with a culture that was gradually becoming more technology-oriented. The 90s and early 2000s was the heyday for the Pirates of the Silicon Valley, maybe, the revolution in consumer electronics, I should say. Perhaps Terminator was becoming unnecessary, a Luddite cultural artifact rooted in its time, like The X-Files in the 90s. Well, as we know, the studios solved this problem simply, by stripping out any meaning the series ever had, which is how we get things later on.