Future Soldiers: A Survey of Military Science-Fiction

“Fiction is a tool of the imaginative process. Fiction allows us to imagine the details of reality-as-it-might happen in order to understand potential consequences of decisions that we need, or might need, to make. It helps us imagine how current trends might play out or how new innovations might have an impact. As a tool, fiction is cousin to war-gaming. It creates opportunities to play out potential scenarios and prepare for them.” … More Future Soldiers: A Survey of Military Science-Fiction

86. Soldier

The perfect soldier is one without morality, one who could literally be engineered, and not just deconstructed from a human foundation. Through the magic of science-fiction, we can get both to compare: the former a thought exercise, the latter an extrapolation of the real world. In Soldier, a film written by David Webb Peoples (Unforgiven, … More 86. Soldier