2016 in Review: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the Becks

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a dramedy musical, and I’ve never met a dramedy I’ve agreed with. Transparent, Orange is the New Black, independent film from the 2000s. And as a straight man I would never dare even explore musicals. So, because it’s not something I’m typically into, I worried it would fade, and it’s only been about a month, but it’s made such an indelible impression on me that I don’t expect from or ask for in media.

The Kindred Kind: Blade Runner and Naturalization

Blade Runner is one of the most important scifi films out there, along with Metropolis and Star Wars. Every filmmaker or production designer working in scifi has to reconcile Blade Runner at some point. You have these scenes where they’re just flying between buildings and 30 years later, it’s jaw-dropping. And borderline gratuitous, and that’s the thing.

Ep. 81 – Black Suits or Blue Genes: Let’s Talk Gattaca

This is a movie that is much-loved, but is a strong, strong contender for most overlooked movie of our time. Not underrated, but overlooked. I saw this movie for the first time long ago, and I really liked it, but in pursuant years, in reflecting on the film, I could not recall even the broad movements of the plot. I remembered a stirring performance from Jude Law, a very confident art direction, and genuine drama in a scifi film. The biggest thing I forgot about was the story. I knew it was about genetics, but not how it specifically worked.