2016 in Review: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the Becks

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a dramedy musical, and I’ve never met a dramedy I’ve agreed with. Transparent, Orange is the New Black, independent film from the 2000s. And as a straight man I would never dare even explore musicals. So, because it’s not something I’m typically into, I worried it would fade, and it’s only been about a month, but it’s made such an indelible impression on me that I don’t expect from or ask for in media. … More 2016 in Review: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the Becks

68. Black Dynamite

Not being versed in Blaxploitation, and not having followed up with the animated series, I may not be so primed for BD. But outside all context, Black Dynamite is a film where, when the hero walks through a doorway or into a scene -DYNOMITE, DYNOMITE – plays to a snippet of music. The look on … More 68. Black Dynamite