Monster-Industrial Complex: Godzilla vs. Japan(alon)

For the sake of entertainment, it’s often about building a weapon, but that’s when further complications arise. So, my college roommate and I watched the first Godzilla movie ahead of seeing the American one in 2014, and he ended up liking it where I kind of blew it off, but what I did like was the escalation. That there was this cycle of atomic bomb, Godzilla, oxygen destroyer, and I got this sense of, like, where does it end? … More Monster-Industrial Complex: Godzilla vs. Japan(alon)

Rape of the Natural World: The Complete Jurassic Park

And now we’re going back, how far we going back? 1993. In reality, this is a story that begins with Jurassic Park, the story called Harrison Chute. I tried to talk about the whole series over a year ago, or should I say just the film series, and I didn’t get that far, even. So, in a coordinated effort to close all the loops on The Battle Beyond Planet X, leaving absolutely no stone unturned, in consideration of the creepy crawlies in the darkness underneath, it’s time to discuss the Complete Jurassic Park, which shall be maintained through until 2018. … More Rape of the Natural World: The Complete Jurassic Park

Existential Delaise

Tonight’s episode will come out sometime Monday. It is currently reaching the end of the drafting process, meaning that recording and editing still lie ahead. The podcast following that will undoubtedly also be late, because I won’t have next weekend to work on it. After that, surely this embarrassment will propel me forward. A lot of the remaining episodes have been at least partially written, but there’s still the matter of watching the damn movies (or playing the game, in the case of the final episode). … More Existential Delaise

Ep. 90 – Top 10 Fictional Characters

I don’t know if this podcast will be of use to anyone, it’s not like a Top Ten based on a poll, or anything like that. And if you’ve listened to even one episode of this podcast before, you know how this ends. But for me, thinking about characters, specifically numbers 3 and 4 on this list, was kind of a useful thought exercise for writing. I used to be so adamant about the demarcation and hierarchy of story, characters, and theme. Mostly because people used to piss me off by saying character was the most important thing. Yeah, that’s how we get independent film. … More Ep. 90 – Top 10 Fictional Characters