Delightful Tides

Remember that time I said media critics cross the counter and people stop caring? You probably do. Needles to say, I’ve thought a lot about that, and while Delightful Tides is my first real foray into that crossing, I’m confident it’ll be a long-term platform for many of the stories I got percolating. Starting with … More Delightful Tides

Monster-Industrial Complex: Godzilla vs. Japan(alon)

For the sake of entertainment, it’s often about building a weapon, but that’s when further complications arise. So, my college roommate and I watched the first Godzilla movie ahead of seeing the American one in 2014, and he ended up liking it where I kind of blew it off, but what I did like was the escalation. That there was this cycle of atomic bomb, Godzilla, oxygen destroyer, and I got this sense of, like, where does it end? … More Monster-Industrial Complex: Godzilla vs. Japan(alon)


I recently listened to a Year End Review episode from years past and heard something pretty shocking, coming from myself.

I’ve vaguely remembered it: a defense of my not watching Orange is the New Black amounting to ‘I don’t need the education.’ But it was so much darker than that, and I can’t believe I mansplained something in my recent days. The co-host was enthusiastic about the Netflix show, and asked why I hadn’t kept up with it (to date, I’ve only seen half the first episode). My sentiment was basically that I didn’t need to learn the lesson of the show, assuming it was a single lesson, and just that ‘women are diverse.’ … More Errata

New Cast Sched

There’s some rad tude in that post title, for a post with probably pretty non-rad news. But this is, after all, a science-fiction podcast, so the shocks are metered and the news be old. In this case, I’ve been thinking about a new release schedule, one that harkens back to an elder time when I … More New Cast Sched