The Battle Beyond Planet X
Dispatches from the World I Made

As soon as an image or an idea makes human contact, it becomes valuable. It can’t be considered lightly, no matter which label we ascribe it, whether ‘sitcom,’ ‘video-game,’ or ‘science-fiction.’ We’re working backward from genre here. Suddenly this image, this idea, its potential is twofold, both constructive and dangerous. Just as violent movies will reach psychologically unstable people out there, and can’t be said with 100% assurance to be completely safe, the opposite is true. Stories about equality, peace, or empathy, will reach people too, and they may even take the form of that same violent film. Or a sitcom, or a video-game. Or that one about laser aliens and spaceships.

My name is Harrison Chute, and I love the sound of my voice.

“A truly spectacular show!”
– Donovan Grant, Batman Universe, The Comic Book Film Revue

“An overall great pod!”
– Zoe, Fast Karate for the Gentleman


Utopic Visions (coming soon)
Mastering Our Future

Picking up where The Battle Beyond Planet X leaves off, this column will analyze works of media (science-fiction and others) under the lens of a utopia blueprint. Does this example set a template for our future, does it identify a problem and also provide a solution? How do we bridge the gap between our world now and this fictional paragon? What of ourselves must we reevaluate?

[UPDATE 9/17/17: This column instead became Bagels After Midnight, a YouTube series discussing a single utopic work of media, The CW’s cult classic Crazy Ex-Girlfriend]

[UPDATE 11/28/17: But don’t rule it out just yet!]

[UPDATE 12/05/17: Coming 2018!]

Contact: battlebeyondpodcast@gmail.com