Delightful Tides


Remember that time I said media critics cross the counter and people stop caring? You probably do. Needles to say, I’ve thought a lot about that, and while Delightful Tides is my first real foray into that crossing, I’m confident it’ll be a long-term platform for many of the stories I got percolating.

Starting with short stories mind you, and I understand short stories don’t track well — I don’t even like short stories. I’m convinced the market only exists to serve writers trying to break in to publishing, especially where it concerns genre like scifi. So I think, once I’m confident in my writing ability, at least a few stories in, I’ll start doing serials, and who knows what else? I always thought my first “foray” would be comics anyway, so that’s always a possibility. But for now, I’m just focused on the next story, as it should’ve always been, and never was.

You can check out Delightful Tides here, and the gross first story, “The Worldwife.” More to come!*

If you’re looking for something more like The Battle Beyond Planet X, I’ll be returning to The Utopia Blueprint once this new side of the counter has been comfortably settled, and whatever form that eventually takes beyond the current column, that’s like the sequel.

*(Famous last words)


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