Ep. 100 – The Final Battle: Visions of Planet X

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The last Harrison Chute is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace.

To close out The Battle Beyond Planet X, I return to my ancestral home. Sorta. 2016 saw the 30th anniversary of the video-game Metroid, and the franchise it spawned. Most of the hullaballoo came from Metroid fans upset at Nintendo for basically ignoring it, as they had not for Mario and Zelda. Metroid was one of the original three, before it was supplanted by literally everything else, but even the smallest of the major Nintendo brands is a huge deal, so I too shall tip my hat in recognition, about as effectively as Nintendo itself, as we may come to discover.

Runtime: [40:42]

Music Selection:
Metroid Prime – Menu Theme
Metroid Prime 3 – Rundas’ Boss Theme

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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