Asking Asimov How to Talk to Girls

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Waking into Dream…

The Battle Beyond Planet X, like all criticism is, in some way, autobiographical. It is this way because that is easy. They say write “what you know,” and I say, “Okay, but next time be careful what you ask of me.” Criticism is the science of the self, it is raising my right hand in proud self-respect and then slowly dipping down toward my equator. All roads lead here, and my standing at the crossroads between our world and theirs seems to be driven by an anxiety best summed up by this heretofore unanswered question: why do I always want to play the girl in the video-game?

This episode is about:


Wearing Many Bras


Isaac Asimov

Next Time, the Final Battle…


I have a score to settle. A high score! Up top.

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