Monster-Industrial Complex: Godzilla vs. Japan(alon)

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For the sake of entertainment, it’s often about building a weapon, but that’s when further complications arise. So, my college roommate and I watched the first Godzilla movie ahead of seeing the American one in 2014, and he ended up liking it where I kind of blew it off, but what I did like was the escalation. That there was this cycle of atomic bomb, Godzilla, oxygen destroyer, and I got this sense of, like, where does it end?

We’re now trapped in this loop where the only answer to a weapon is a weapon, and that’s when we’ve truly lost. So, I would say that Godzilla isn’t a case where sequels are a bad thing, which would be a terrible thing to say regardless because there’s so many, but the multiple extensions and revisions on the main idea allow for a playground of experimentation, a space to explore better alternatives.

Runtime: [32:02]

This episode is about:


Both good. I want to be her best friend




Yacht club membership revoked!

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