Ep. 90 – Top 10 Fictional Characters

To Hail to the Queen, Click… Here


Pictured: Machiko Noguchi, the original whitewashing. Also, Sanaa Lathan’s forehead scar was waaaay better, Harry Potter.

Editor’s Note: I’ve been sitting on this episode for a while, it being easier to write and record than Ep. 89, which took a dealo time. In the time since picture lock and publication, I’ve probably swung the pendulum with regards to the Top Five. Balsa. Come on. Balsa. She’s amazing. She’s my hero. I idolize Balsa. I wish I was Balsa.

She’s a sensible #3, but it’s just that I’d been watching Mad Men and Berserk at the time, and I do really like those two. Very magnetic. But… Balsa. She’s perfect. I wish I had her number.

Runtime: [1:13:53]

Top Ten List MVP:


Jennifer Hale, #8 and #2


Good-bye for now. I’ll be back in October with the Final Ten Episodes, which are guaranteed to… be really good!



5 thoughts on “Ep. 90 – Top 10 Fictional Characters

  1. Hearing your list made me want to do a list of my own. I only made up to eight, couldn’t think of many others that could conceivably crack it, as that would put their value over the individual series and franchises they’re a part of. So like, no Dragon Ball characters came near it 😛

    1. Bruce Wayne
    2. Cassandra Cain
    3. Tim Drake
    4. Dick Grayson
    5. Peter Parker
    6. Pearl
    7. Chun Li
    8. Dexter

    1. It’s a strong list, though I am a touch surprised that Super C Cain is first to lose, man. I know Batman was the formative point, and he’s still hugely important, but I always thought Casserole edged him out.

      Surprised and delighted to see Chun Li, though not a Street Fighter player myself. And Pearl is kinda like what Guts is to me — a recent favorite, and that’s a pretty compelling thing when it happens.

      Regardless. It’s kind of a fun exercise, right?

      1. Yeah, it’s infectious! I think I’ve more a lifelong affection for Batman (although this year has made me really want to quit him), and I only discovered Cass a decade ago. For a while Ryu was my top SF character, but Chun Li was always more fun to play and is badass in the animated movie. Pearl just never quits being enjoyable, and her VA Dee Dee Magno Hall is unendingly amazing. Finally for clarity I put Dexter from “Dexter’s Lab”, as I’ve not seen the Michael C. Hall show :p

    2. OHHH I completely thought it was Dexter from Dexter. I think he’s high on my list — another asshole, but very popular among anti-social nerds, because he’s the rare TV hero who doesn’t feel human. But little Dexter is good, too

      I can visualize you by the lake, looking at Batman: “I wish I knew how to quit you!”

      But then you man-hug

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