Ep. 85 – Equaling Genders

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What’s ultimately being said here is the messy expansion of this mental dialogue:
Guy: “Men and women are naturally different. A prominent difference is brute strength, muscle mass.”
Me: “Indeed, indeed. However, physical superiority doesn’t correlate exactly to linear strength. In fighting, there are other elements to consider.”
Guy: “Fighting?”
Me: “No matter how much muscle you have, if your girlfriend understood how to optimize her body to hand-to-hand combat, she could kick your ass. And is that not in direct refutation to the final frontier of gender inequality, the natural differences? In essence, the differences we do have are moot.”
Guy: “But most women aren’t like this, you’re speaking purely theoretically.”
Me: “Sure, but there’s no reason why women couldn’t become that.”
Totally Justified Gal: “So, you’re saying women aren’t ideal at the moment. Like me. Because I don’t go to the gym, and I don’t want to kick people’s asses.”
Me: “I… guess I am.”
Totally Justified Gal: “Nice, dude.”
Me: “I mean… Men aren’t ideal either, but there’s is a mental problem.”
Guy: “So now we have mental problems?”
Me: “I’m not talking to you.”
Totally Justified Gal: “Even if I wanted to be this, you know how dangerous that is for me, right?”
Me: “I suppose…”
Totally Justified Gal: “Right. So… In this utopia you project, would I have a place?”
Me: “I guess… there’s nothing you can do. Some women will have to show all men that those biological differences are nil, so that men can look at women differently than the way they do now. They won’t see women, they’ll see people.”
Some Women: “What are we doing?”
Me: “Deprogramming. We’re all programmed, and women deprogram all the time. But they can’t do anything about that. So… part of it is waiting on progress, and part of it is doing as much as you can/want, as long as it’s safe to do so.”

Runtime: [53:10]

Sports Science Part V: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Alvarez,” by Tajh J. Jenkins
Men Explain Things to Me,” by Rebecca Solnit

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