Ep. 56 – Unrequired Love: Memories of the Futurama

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“At the risk of sounding negative… No.”

Man, this show. Definitely my favorite American animated show, though I’m not exactly a connoisseur of the genre. That in mind, I also talk, in passing, about The Simpsons, The Office, and various other sitcoms. I don’t know why that genre is always so interesting to me, I don’t really like those programs… I’m more of a Breaking Bad kinda guy. Yeah. Dude. Remember… ah forget it.

Music Selection:
Futurama Beatbox Opening,” by Futurama Cast (apparently John DiMaggio is an award-winning beatboxer)
Cyberpunks,” by Del the Funky Homosapien
Deep Space 9mm,” by El-P
Into the Wild Green Yonder Opening,” sung by Seth MacFarlane

Futurama4 In this episode, I blarb on about our buddies Bender, Fry, and Leela. This is PART I, so tune in next week for continued discussion on Leela and the four series finales…

Runtime: [1:01:52]

This podcast contains spoilers for: Futurama

10 thoughts on “Ep. 56 – Unrequired Love: Memories of the Futurama

  1. Another great ep! May I ask the musical playlist for this week’s episode? Also if you’re ever so inclined to discuss the Simpsons rise and tumultuous fall, I’d be more than happy to barge on in yet again to discuss it.

    1. Don’t know why I didn’t include the musics in the shownotes; that’s correctified. I tried to use some science-fictiony music this time, but if you’re looking for more of that from Del, check out his Deltron 3030 album over his regular stuff (which isn’t bad in itself, but not outstanding like Deltron)

      I’d love to do a SImpsons episode with you, but I’d definitely have to revisit that one. The most recent episode I’ve seen was the Futurama and Family Guy crossovers… It’s been a long time. Too long, prehaps

  2. Ugh, the crossovers were garbage. I know you said you’re not a great fan of those animated sitcoms, but Simpsons was the most brilliantest thing on the planet…once…

    1. I went on a huge half-rant about Family Guy in the second episode and cut the whole thing — that show I think is funny, but it’s so fucking sexist, and more racist than any of these other ones. But the South Park guys are still full of shit, they’re just jealous that Family Guy was cutting edge and is actually clever.

      The Simpsons on the other hand was something I used to watch with my dad every night, it would come on after Seinfeld. There were a lot of good times there, but yeah my most recent memory is the Movie, which I thought was great. But that was still, what 2007?

      Watching a random episode in recent years, I’m baffled that Homer still screws up and has to win Marge back.

      Just divorce him already!

  3. Show shoulda died at the end of season 12, and the movie should’ve been the final word on it. Now there are more bad seasons than great ones. It’s a helluva thing when the ratio of quality demonstrably shifts that dramatically.

    1. Ugh, it’s so heartbreaking when the bad seasons are more in number than the good. I also heard that Harry Schearer isn’t on the show anymore? Or was it Tress Macneille?

  4. Shearer threatened to leave but was eventually signed on for the next 2 or so seasons, making me wonder if it was at all legitimate…


      Kinda reminds me of Its Always Sunny, which never dies, and those poor shmucks can’t get another project off the ground. But those seasons are only like 10 episodes each

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