Ep. 36 – Year End Review 2014: Movies

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Take a moment of rest, because after this (and next week’s) fun diversion, we’re right back in Ghost in the Shell-land. Before we dive again, let’s look back on the year that was, with the Top Ten Movies from Cassandra and I.

So that you don’t go in with false expectations, here’s what I tried to say at the beginning and failed to, utterly:

We’ll talk about the ten best movies and ten best TV shows we saw this year, regardless of release date. This approach comes from a now-long defunct website Genrebusters, which reviewed movies with a focus on Hong Kong and martial arts cinema, and they had a podcast. The best film criticism I’ve ever read or experienced. Super insightful analysis, and they’d do year end review podcasts with write-ups, and they would do the top ten movies they saw.

So I want to carry on that torch, not that I would ever claim this site to be a successor in theme nor quality, or that this is a way to carry that torch, it’s just sad and weird when a site disappears completely. But I still have the MP3s, so if you ever want to listen, send me an email. But I liked that approach because to me, this sort of thing is more useful than the usual top tens, for the purpose of recommendations. With the usual top ten lists, it’s more just reordering the same like twenty or so movies, and you don’t want to hear where I put Birdman on the list, you know?

(Birdman was good)

Runtime: [2:06:28]

Spoilers for:

Further Reading: Genrebusters. Come back!

And here’s the Top Tweet of 2014!:


3 thoughts on “Ep. 36 – Year End Review 2014: Movies

  1. It’s funny to hear your thoughts on ScarJo considering the news that followed soon after.

    My film of 2014 that I saw would be End of Evangelion. That’s the one movie that has stayed with me six months after I saw it, and I can safely say I’ve NEVER seen anything like it. It was a terrifying watch in a way that thrilled me. It’s bleak as SHIT, but in a way which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    1. Yeah the ScarJo thing was pretty fortuitous, if that is the word. This was recorded three weeks into December, so the timing is pretty crazy.

      And the idea for to do the Top Ten list like this was decided maybe a week before we recorded — usually I keep track of the movies I’ve seen, but this one I came in unprepared. Had I remembered, The End of Evangelion would have certainly made the list. That is an excellent movie, and exactly as you describe it.

      Because the show could be disturbing, but the End is like diseased. It’s unbelievable — quite a ride.

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