Ep. 32 – Archetype Reloaded II: 1995 Revisited

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Ghost in the Shell1

The beginning of our two-month Ghost in the Shell double-anniversary celebration, a revisiting of the 1995 film with a broader feminist lens. To that end, we have guest host Cassandra, feminist to the bone, and with a female perspective that, try as I might, I simply cannot provide.

This week’s audio problems: low volume. We’ll fix that for the Year End Review.

Runtime: [30:00]

This podcast contains spoilers for: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Music Selection: “From the Rooftop ~ Somewhere in the Silence,” by Ilaria Graziano / Yoko Kanno
For each entry in the Ghost in the Shell pantheon/parthenon, I’ll provide a choice song from most likely Stand Alone Complex, in full.

Further Reading: See prior episode, haha

4 thoughts on “Ep. 32 – Archetype Reloaded II: 1995 Revisited

  1. Alright! Sequel to the first episode I downloaded, and on one of my favorite films! Looking forward to this!

    1. I hope you like it — it was the first time I had a guest on, and so the audio is downright bad (was not prepared).

      And when I go off-script, it can definitely be awkward but I guess we’ll see…

  2. It was good! I re-watched GITS ’95 last night and listened back to episode 7 before diving into this. Cassandra made some great points about how as much of a feminist reading can be taken from this, the story still exists within the zone of a male gaze. I really dug her take!

    1. Thanks, man. Yeah it’s an important approach, although it might reframe the movie in a negative light. Not that its notorious nudity didn’t clue us in early.

      Still, it’s such a great film. Much as I like Innocence better, it’s difficult even in the face of Kusanagi’s Major boobage, to deny its power.

      And yet somehow still, that fisheye of her butt in Stand Alone Complex is worse (more amazing)

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