Ep. 24 – Casual Fridays: Checking in with Video-Games

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A rundown of GamerGate, and then commentary on the greater issues underlying it. I make a pretty radical statement, so brace yourself, but hopefully it’s supported well enough to not be alienating. It’s got a history of being alienating, so this’ll be a test.

Runtime: [26:44]

Spoilers for: Nothing

Further Reading: “GamerGate: A Closer Look At the Controversy Sweeping Video Games” (Forbes), A Long Post About #GamerGate, Feminist Frequency Twitter, “Welcome to the Gunn Show: How Nicole Perlman Is Being Written Out of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy'”, Louis CK on The N Word

Now, I understand that we shouldn’t make excuses to say the N word… He’s a comedian.

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