Ep. 7 – Archetype Reloaded: Ghost in the Shell and Feminism

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Ghost in the Shell 95

Ghost in the Shell is not a feminist movie but it offers a complex but ultimately important icon of female empowerment. Indeed, the Major kicks ass, but she also… is naked, so that counteracts that. It’s something deeper.

This podcast talks a bit about the Strong Female Character, which has become something of a lambasted term. And it makes sense — it’s only one dimension to a character, and years of Joss Whedon and Milla Jovovich have cemented the strong female character as someone without actual character, just strength. And not even enough character for us to understand where this strength comes from, so it seems magical and unearned. Not good.

If I had to look to anyone to retake the term, I’d look to the Major. She’s kinda badass.

I know I slight Deunan Knute a lot on this podcast, so have this video.

Runtime: [20:35]

This podcast contains spoilers for: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

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